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Build In Public Founder's Manual

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Hi, I'm KP 👋

Excited to share my latest digital product "Build In Public Founder's Manual" with you.

This is a must-have guide for founders filled with actionable and bite-sized tips and tactics on how to build your startup in public without just winging it.


If you're a founder who's been active online in the last 2-3 years, you instinctively know that building in public can supercharge your startup's growth.

You may have seen hundreds of success stories and wondered if you should give it a go as well.

So you became active on Twitter again and started posting a couple tweets and there each week.

You may have even shared a behind-the-scenes thread of how you are building your startup and your tool stack.

But now you're stuck.

Nothing seems to be working. You feel like you are putting in 100x the effort for very little reward and it feels like you are pushing a boulder uphill each day. You probably also think you are wasting your time on social media (Twitter etc.) instead of tinkering with your product or customer experience better.

Well, you are NOT alone.

During my roles at On Deck and Day One, I have seen 500+ founders struggle with this exact problem. Good news is.. I've also seen them get unstuck and eventually crush it on Twitter. I've personally taught workshops many of them attended, hosted Masterminds and private groups and even coached a few.

Here's the truth: The problem is not you.

It's your approach. It's the lens in which you are viewing the craft of building in public.

No tactic can save you if your mindset and strategy are broken. (This is hard for you to notice but obvious for any advanced content creator on Twitter)

You have to look at it differently. But how?

Well, I've got some lessons and proven playbooks from my 5 years of building in public.

Up until now, I've been teaching a lot via online workshops like this but recently a few founders suggested I write a deeply detailed guide. Like a manual with clear instructions and step-by-step including practical examples. So here it is.


This is the guide I wish I had when I first started by journey with 414 followers in Nov 2018.

This comprehensive guide contains:

  • 18 chapters of detailed notes and takeaways from my 5 years of building in public
  • honest and authentic take on the upside and downsides of building in public
  • actionable, clear and ready-to-use frameworks and examples for Twitter
  • 10 proven BIP strategies I recommend
  • 7 case studies to learn from (here are 2 FREE samples for you)
  • How I Build In Public: My 9 Secrets
  • Templates You Can Reuse And Remix
  • and much more

Note: While many of the principles I discuss apply to even content creators on any platform, the main focus of this guide is startup founders building in public on Twitter.


Many of you know my track record but if you're new, here is my proof of work all in the public domain:

  • Multiple paid communities and educational programs for founders at On Deck and Day One with over $1.5m in revenue across 5 cohorts and 500+ paid Fellows (customers)
  • A Twitter audience of 38,000+ 40,300+ and a world-class network of investors, VC, founders, creators and more
  • A profitable newsletter with over 7000 subscribers from top startups
  • A podcast with 45 episodes with top tier guests like Gary Vee, Alexis Ohanian, Sahil Lavingia etc.
  • Multiple side-projects like Cuppa, LetterDrop (exited), Do Things That Don't Scale and many more.
  • 61 buzzing launches on Product Hunt with several landing the top #1 spot (winning 2021's Best Community Member Award from Product Hunt)
  • Tbh, my whole career has been built in public (see my full bio here) and I intend to do so for the next few decades.

Btw, here's some of my career story captured in an interview.


After this, you'll see building in public in a whole new light and will truly understand it's magic/power which will have the following tangible benefits for your startup:

  • More organic paid customer acquisition without having to buy ads
  • More brand awareness (search for "ODNC1" or "ODNC2")
  • More community engagement and quick feedback when you need it
  • More buzz before, during and after your product launches


  • Founders who want to grow their startup publicly, and already see the power in building in pubic including the following personas:
    • Solo founders
    • Bootstrapped founders
    • VC-backed early stage founders


I don't want to sell you anything or persuade you to do stuff you don't want to. So this may not be a great fit if you're 'skeptical' or 'on the fence' about building in public and whether it's right for your startup at all. I have lots of free resources here if you're interested in evaluating that part. So, this manual is best suited AFTER you are convinced in the power of building in public.. not before.


"KP is OG BIP", Paul Yacoubian, Founder, Copy AI

"KP helped me a lot in understanding what it takes to build in public: clarity, consistency, commitment.", Louise Bayssat, Prev founded Hera (YCS21)


Here is the curriculum broken down into chapters:


Here are 2 free case studies I published for you to learn from and apply directly to your journey:


Got any questions I haven't covered above? DM me at @thisiskp_ on Twitter.

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Build In Public Founder's Manual

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