Minimum Viable Podcast Playbook


​Hey everyone 👋

​Welcome to the Minimum Viable Podcast Playbook, a beginner-friendly how-to guide recorded as a video workshop that shows you how to launch a podcast you love from scratch and attract world-class guests, without leaving your living room.

Who is this a perfect fit for?

  • Founders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Content Creators
  • Professionals & Execs

with busy day jobs but still want to start a remote podcast they love ❤️


Starting a podcast is an underrated growth lever for your business/ career. Some benefits of having a podcast (regardless of how big your audience is) are:

  • Fastest way to build a strong network of smart and successful people
  • Helps you go deep into topics you're curious about and build expertise
  • Helps you gain credibility in your niche/ vertical (like no-code, web3 etc.)
  • Helps you become a very familiar face in your niche - audio is intimate, video is even better
  • Helps you build a distribution channel and an audience which are both superpowers
  • Helps people see the real side of you, if you're vulnerable and authentic, you build trust

Yet most people who WANT TO start a podcast don't know WHERE TO start and HOW TO get going. This masterclass aims to fill in these gaps.

What do you get?

In this 83 minute masterclass, KP will draw from his experience of building a podcast without any prior experience, on the side while balancing a demanding day job. He will also uncover all possible unconventional and creative approaches/ tactics that helped him stand out and build a career of his dreams. The whole masterclass is recorded as a Socratic seminar method where Sharath (the host) interviews KP (the guest expert on the topic) in a thoughtful intellectually stimulating way. The guest expert answers the deep questions often verbally but also leverages slides and visual aids to highlight examples and tactics where relevant.

​What you will learn in the session:

  • Why is it so important to start a podcast in 2022?
  • Where should one start?
  • How to recruit guests for your podcast? What is a highly effective playbook?
  • What does your end-to-end process look like from recording to shipping an episode?
  • How to ask thoughtful questions?
  • What are some limiting beliefs KP personally faced when starting and how did he overcome them?
  • What's one key thing new podcast hosts should keep in mind?

​What is the format?

  • A 83 minute video masterclass
  • Notion reference guide with resources and tool recommendations

​Who are the experts/ instructors?

​Sharath is currently the Head of Community at Threado. He previous led communities at Product Hunt and worked on special projects at On Deck. In this masterclass, Sharath poses a series of beginner-friendly questions on the topic of podcasting to KP to unpack his insights, lessons and tactics.

​Karthik Puvvada (known online as "KP") is a podcaster & host of the Build In Public Podcast. He's also a prolific no-code builder, angel investor, founder coach and a top voice of the "build in public" movement. He is currently a Program Director at Day One. He previously built a global no-code fellowship at On Deck that helped over 350 founders from 50 countries build 500+ MVPs and start new businesses.

Highlights of KP's podcast journey:

  • Successfully published 30 episodes
  • Landed top-tier guests like:
    • Gary Vee
    • Alexis Ohanian
    • Kat Cole
    • Sahil Lavingia and more (full list here)
  • Went from 8000 to 33,700 followers on Twitter
  • Attracted angel investing opportunities
  • Landed startup advisory roles

What we can promise:

  • a repeatable process that works with ease
  • an edge over others who're just getting started
  • how to leverage a podcast as part of your career
  • how to build a podcast you're proud of

What we can't promise:

  • How to break records and top charts
  • How to gain millions of audience/downloads
  • How to hack/game the market

Launch Price: $19 until Aug 15, 2022 and then it will go up from there.

Current Price is $29 until Sep 1, 2022 when it will go up again.

Thank you for checking this out! Want to learn more/ask a question? Reach out to either of us directly via Twitter DMs (@thisiskp_ or @5harath)

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